News | June 20, 2013

Introducing the NEW CognitiveTPG Spill Guard!

Source: CognitiveTPG

CognitiveTPG POS printers are designed with built-in internal and external dams and gutters to prevent damage to the print mechanism. The new Spill Guard accessory complements these features to provide added protection and ensure continuous printing even in the most challenging POS environment.

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What You Should Know

Protects from spills, splashes and dust

Easy to install, stays securely in place Doesn't increase overall height of printer Ideal for busy kitchens, fast food restaurants, and outdoor settings Retails for $20 2-year warranty from spill damage

Order Today!

With the extra protection of the CognitiveTPG Spill Guard on all your A798 and A799 printers, you can rest assured that your critical business operations will be free from unexpected interruptions due to accidental spills and overall harsh environments.

Call 800-732-8950 to talk to a CognitiveTPG representative about the new Spill Guard today!

Meet us at NRA 2013 Booth #9452 to see a live demo of the spill guard.

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