Case Study

Insurance Group Modernizes Business Correspondence Through Cloud Content Migration

Established in 1880 RheinLand Insurance is one of the very few insurance groups today with a majority of shares privately owned. With roughly 880 employees and 350 sales epresentatives on a full-time basis RheinLand, its subsidiaries and a brokerage and banking division together offer a wide range of private and business insurance offerings.

Central production of all letter correspondence for RheinLand Insurance was on the mainframe using IBM ASF and DCF. ASF applications were used either standalone or integrated into the company's damage dialog system. On average, 300 users produced 1,300 documents per day with peaks of 2,500 - and printing was available centrally or on department printers. There was a COLD interface connected with the document management system.

A preliminary study and selection for a follow-up product was initiated for the migration of existing letters (1,000 letters with 7,500 text blocks) with some automation. The strategic decision was to retain AFP, particularly because documents in mass printing (bills, policies) were also using the AFP architecture.