Guest Column | December 11, 2012

Information Overload

Bob Goldberg

By Bob Goldberg, RSPA Attorney, Schoenberg, Finkel, Newman & Rosenberg, LLC.

This month’s issue of connect is devoted to education. Having considered myself a student my entire life, there has never been a time that I have felt more overwhelmed with information than now. Although my preference remains the printed page, electronic information and communications control my life. The point-of-sale industry is changing rapidly and the information regarding the transformation is endless. Who do you believe? What is the proper course to profitability and success? How do I run my business and remain abreast of the most current information? Clearly RSPA provides many of those answers, but managing your information is paramount.

In these tough economic times when business resources seem scarce, there is one thing that is not in short supply: information. Each year, individuals collect and create an overwhelming amount of information. According to recent statistics, the amount of information created by individuals annually is growing at a rate exceeding 65%. This makes complete sense when we find the average knowledge worker spends about 25% of their workday creating content, and 15% of their time searching for information, both online and through paper documents. Interestingly, there was no statistic on what those workers do with the remaining 60% of their day, but I leave that to your conclusion…

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