Guest Column | May 21, 2014

Industry Matters: RSPA's April 2014 Industry Report

(MSWinXP+EOL) = Y2K^2

Here’s the translation of the pseudo- algebraic title of this article that hopefully caught your attention: Microsoft Windows XP’s End of Life equals Y2K all over again. On April 8, Microsoft ended support of their twelve year old Windows XP operating system. This means that there will be no more patches/updates provided for bugs or security vulnerabilities. Check-out the ramifications yourself, in the FAQ section of Microsoft’s website for Windows XP End of Life – here’s the link: windows/enterprise/endofsupport.aspx.

Much like the effect of Y2K at the turn of the millennium, this has a significant impact on the computing world and for retail technology POS systems using Windows XP as their operating system platform. Windows XP is installed and running fine in tens of thousands of POS installations around the globe. Windows XP has been a very good operating system for POS products – the follow- up products Vista, Windows 7 and the still unproven Window 8 did not have same popularity or reputation. For the most part customers have little motivation to spend money to upgrade the POS systems operating on a stable, problem free installation.

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