White Paper

White Paper: Increase Revenues With Digital Video Surveillance Solutions Built On Familiar Storage Platforms

Source: Adaptec, Inc.

A typical video surveillance customer might be a retail store that only has video surveillance because it's required for insurance. This company uses a single camera that records low-quality video to disk on the capture server, and every 24 hours begins overwriting yesterday's data with today's data. For this customer and many other businesses, surveillance is a cost that can never be turned into a profit, so the goal is to minimize the solution cost.

Prisons are typical users who are also interested in low-quality video, but have many cameras and a huge number of storage disks.

Another typical video surveillance customer might be a casino that runs multiple cameras and saves high-quality data for as long as 14 days before archiving it. For these usages, large storage capacity is required and reliability is crucial – if the video surveillance system goes down, the casino has to close.