Guest Column | August 19, 2014

In The Fight For Power Backup, A Ringside Preventive Maintenance Plan Is Key

By Art Mulligan, Product Line Manager, Eaton

Preventive Maintenance In Power Backups

In the case of a power emergency, businesses and other enterprises depend on uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) as an emergency power back-up solution. UPSs serve as the backbone that keeps critical systems up and running at all times. Downtime carries an enormous price tag, so it is important for IT resellers to emphasize a comprehensive preventive maintenance plan for customers to minimize interruption of operations. Without a detailed strategy, users are at risk of corrupted files, hardware malfunctions, and the inability to access the critical systems they need.

Aside from the frustrations downtime brings, businesses face the potential for lost revenue and damaged reputation in the event their customer service mechanisms like online ordering, phone systems, or other sales tools are unavailable to their customers. In many instances, there is very little lag time between system downtime and financial disaster.

Whether a data center features an expansive lineup of UPSs or just a single unit, that UPS solution — and the approach to maintaining it — is critical to the security, uptime, and operations. By educating users on a proactive, planned service approach, resellers can dramatically increase customer satisfaction and retention by ensuring they work at peak performance, prevent costly downtime and enhance tools for future planning.

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