White Paper

Improving Video Surveillance With Megapixel Cameras

Source: Milestone Systems

Poor image quality and coverage has long been a problem and often an embarrassment for video surveillance, keeping it from living up to its promise. How many times, for instance, have you seen on television or in newspapers grainy, blurry video surveillance images of criminals that are worthless for identification?

Fortunately, this situation is changing fast. The combination of megapixel IP network cameras and full-featured IP video surveillance management software is enabling much greater image quality, camera control and coverage — all keys to more effective video surveillance, evidence collection, and prosecution. What’s more, this same combination is allowing businesses, governmental organizations, and educational institutions to cover more area with fewer cameras, achieve greater automation in their surveillance activities, and realize significant cost savings.

This paper will discuss why many video surveillance systems don’t perform the way they should and how megapixel IP network cameras controlled by robust IP video surveillance management software provide a much better solution. We’ll also explain how a system using megapixel cameras can actually save money over a system based on lower resolution cameras.