Newsletter | December 3, 2019

12.03.19 -- Improve Visibility And Accountability In 3 Steps

Improve Visibility And Accountability In 3 Steps

Businesses of all sizes meet on common ground when visibility and accountability are in question. Without visibility into daily operations, there’s bound to be a lack of accountability, and that’s when things really start unraveling. Here are three scenarios to watch out for, and if any of them seem familiar, it’s a sure sign of some major inefficiencies at your business.

Revolutionize Your VAR Quoting Process

If you’re a VAR, systems integrator, or solutions provider in the technology space struggling with quoting a large variety of products and services, you’re not alone. Quoting projects for your clients means navigating a lot of complex variables and that often includes conquering a beast of a spreadsheet lurking in your sales quoting process. 

5 Sales Obstacles To Overcome With Sell Intel

As a business owner, being able to envision your company’s big picture is crucial. But, realistically, how much time during your hectic day do you truly have to dedicate to understanding every detail that impacts this picture? If your answer is along the lines of “not much” or “I wish I had more time,” you are not alone.

A Tech Company's Guide To Business Efficiency And Productivity

Inefficiencies are costly. In fact, companies across the globe lose millions every year to inefficient practices. Just searching for poorly titled or misplaced documents costs organizations an average of $3,900* per employee, per year. If something so small can add up to so much, imagine how much larger-scale inefficiencies must cost.