Guest Column | February 5, 2014

6 Important Things To Consider When Evaluating A BDR Vendor

By David Maffei, VP, Global Channels, Carbonite

Data is the lifeline of most businesses. Employees can’t get paid without payroll data, taxes can’t get paid without data from the accounting database and you can’t conduct business without your customers’ information. But while the success of a business can hinge on whether their data is readily available, many businesses aren’t backing up data on a regular basis or even at all.

According to a recent Carbonite study, 79 percent of small businesses consider the ability to back up SQL databases to be important, and 66 percent consider the ability to back up Microsoft Exchange important. The study also found 25 percent of small businesses have lost or accidentally deleted data from at least one database, while 55 percent of respondents stated they haven’t backed up data in more than two days.

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