Guest Column | July 9, 2014

How Your Company Can Thrive With Marketing Automation

Apple iOS 8 Boosts Security, Presents New Challenges To IT Solutions Providers

By Clint Hofer, Owner, Slingfly Media

Do you hate that feeling of wondering how long it’s been since you emailed that prospect? When you look at your sales forecast, does it seem like a few leads may have slipped through the cracks?

If you’re looking for a system that can both automate and add accountability to your sale team’s funnel, it could be the right time to get a marketing automation platform.

I know, like you need another system to track clients. With newsletters, sales sheets, and your customer relationship management (CRM), one more password, let alone an entire system, may just push you over the edge.

Here are some features about marketing automation systems that can actually help you get some of that time back each day.

Keep The Flow Going

In the real world, most of the sales team’s time floats toward those prospects that are most interested and active. If they ask for more information, a brochure is sent. They request a demo or reference — the sales team helps by providing the right content as needed.

One major benefit to using a marketing automation system is having the ability to set up pre-defined marketing touch points, or paths, which are designed to emulate what your sales and marketing team handle manually now.

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