Newsletter | August 27, 2019

08.27.19 -- How VARs Can Compete With Free POS Systems

Featured Editorial
Disruptive Innovation: 3 Keys To Prepare Your Organization
Guest Column | By Ashish Vatsal and Jesse Burns, Point B

To lay the groundwork for disruptive innovation within your organization, following are three foundational imperatives.

Channel Insights
Using Great Content To Get From Lead To Pipeline
Video | SherWeb

In this session, you will examine a case study to help you identify points in the buyer's journey you need to create to get a person from “aware to qualified." Key takeaway: How to create relevant content to attract a buyer wherever they are in their journey.

Cash Wars: Legal Tender Is Still Standing
Article | By Craig Kaliebe, APG Cash Drawer, LLC

A solid majority of small business owners say they will never stop accepting cash payments according to one recent study. Even as the use of digital payments increases, it seems highly unlikely cash will ever go away.

How VARs Can Compete With Free POS Systems
  Article | By Felicia Jordan, BlueStar, Inc.

POS resellers have had some unexpected hurdles to jump to compete with a multitude of free POS models and peripherals. These free models have their drawbacks, but end users are still seizing the opportunity to get their hands on free software or hardware bundles, cutting into your profits as a reseller. How to compete against this model has been a crucial discussion in the channel recently, and being armed with knowledge about these “free” models can be the first step.

In Case You Missed It
5 Steps To Encourage Existing Customers To Buy New Products
Guest Column | By Sparky Farwell, CSS Group at CCI Systems

Building strong business relationships with customers is key to selling additional product offerings. Think of a relationship mindset as the foundation and these five steps as the walls and roof that transform it into something built to last.