Article | May 11, 2018

How VARs Can Benefit Big From Battery Management

Source: Global Technology Systems, Inc.
Field Service Digital Transformation

Looking for something new or different to offer your clients? One of the innovative solutions from GTS, called Test & Replace™, may be just the service you were looking for. Test & Replace™ targets a serious pain-point for your clients: their mobile device batteries. Batteries are a key component of nearly every modern organization due to their critical role in keeping mobile device operations moving, efficient, and productive. Unfortunately, not all organizations note the true importance of their mobile device batteries. The majority tend to think of batteries as an afterthought or annoyance, much like on Christmas morning when your child is unwrapping the newest electronic toy and you suddenly realize, “Oh no! Batteries were not included.”

Test & Replace™ works by helping your clients end their inability to quickly and easily tell if a battery is good or bad. GTS’ CEO Larry Murray explained the battery identification problem best in the Innovative Retail Technologies (IRT) article, Big Benefits in Battery Management, when he said, “Like every kitchen in America, every back office… has a junk drawer — or worse, a junk cabinet — full of batteries in various and unknown states of repair.” Test & Replace™ allows your client’s staff, a mobility vendor selected by your client, or GTS, to conveniently test all a facility’s mobile device batteries on-the-spot without any technical expertise, heavy-duty equipment, or hours of waiting for results (a PASS/FAIL is shown in 3-5 seconds!).

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