Newsletter | March 24, 2020

03.24.20 -- How To Generate Revenue With Data Analytics

  Why Hackers Hack: The Profile

From white hat to black hat, hackers range from ethical to extremely destructive. Join us on Thursday, March 26, at 2:00 p.m. EDT for Why Hackers Hack: The Profile. You will learn what makes cybercriminals tick and how to protect your business from today's sophisticated black hat hackers. Won't be able to attend? Please register to be sent an on-demand recording of the webinar in order to still have access to the educational content! 

Channel Insights
Future Proofing A Data Center To Support Technology Demands
Case Study | Panduit

As a result of rapid growth, Calzedonia Spa’s business operations outgrew the capabilities of its main data center and needed to accommodate expanding business initiatives.

POS Resellers Can Thrive By Driving Merchants To Become Omni-Channel
Guest Column | EVO Payments

According to a survey by Aspect Software, businesses that adopt omni-channel strategies achieve 91 percent greater year-over-year customer retention rates compared to businesses that don’t. With this in mind, it’s vital to gain an understanding of what omni-channel can do for your merchants and how best to implement it for long-term success.

2020 Threat Report
White Paper | Webroot

Today, each of us expects to receive personalized, relevant, and immediate experiences, quickly and without lag, via cloud, mobile, social, and artificial intelligence — while simultaneously expecting our personal data will remain secured and private. The retrospectives, trends, and predictions in this report cover a broad range of threat activity and what remains to be seen this year.

How To Generate Revenue With Data Analytics
  Guest Column | By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

Your clients are busy running their businesses and don’t have time to worry about accumulating and analyzing data. They are looking to you as their trusted adviser to do that and, with the correct business platform, you can accomplish that and more.

The Benefits Of Warning Your Clients About Price Increases
Guest Column | By Mike Bloomfield, Tekie Geek and ASCII Group member

It’s time to stop worrying because there are more benefits than downsides of warning our clients about price increases.

Leadership Lessons
4 Keys To Hiring And Retaining Great Technical Staff
Guest Column | By Derrick Wlodarz, FireLogic

Sourcing, vetting, hiring, and retaining quality technical talent is a necessity for any MSP. Yet, when I speak to industry colleagues, it’s a science that is rarely considered easy. The practices surrounding hiring decision making that I hear described are sometimes so convoluted and unorthodox that it doesn’t surprise me many business owners dread the topic of bringing on new staff.

What AI Means For The Digital Economy
Guest Column | Anthony Coggine

AI has given rise to a reality where processes that used to take people days now take machines a couple of minutes. This explosion in productivity and possibility has helped to make artificial intelligence one of the biggest and most enticing technologies in the world today.

Top 20 Best Tech Cities For IT Jobs
  White Paper | CompTIA

With overall cost of living an essential to 82 percent of tech workers, and nearly two-thirds citing weather and commute times as important factors as well, the good news is that tech workers have the opportunity to write their own stories.