Newsletter | June 16, 2020

06.16.20 -- How To Fit Your Technology Expertise Into Your Customer's World

Channel Insights
Loss Prevention And Other Benefits Of Intelligent Cash Drawers

The retail cash drawer evolved from a basic wooden box with a bell to a metal box to a secure, intelligent device that keeps track of currency amounts by cashier and transaction and helps retailers improve their operations. One of the biggest benefits of intelligent drawers is loss prevention.

How Your Merchants Can Make The Most Of Their Nightclub And Bar POS Systems

The right nightclub and bar POS system can help your merchants to improve billing accuracy and boost their bottom line. In order to take advantage of all of those benefits, your merchants need to make sure they choose a point of sale system that will allow them to do everything they need to do in their bar or nightclub with ease.

Shoring Up Your Network And Security Policies: Least Privilege Models

Why do so many businesses allow unfettered access to their networks? You’d be shocked by how often it happens. The truth is: your employees don’t need unrestricted access to all parts of our business. This is why the Principle of Least Privilege (POLP) is one of the most important, if overlooked, aspects of a data security plan.

Town Of Colonie Avoids More Than $400,000 In Ransom Due To Appliances And Backup

The stories of ransomware attacks have unfortunately become more common, especially among municipalities. But, when the Town of Colonie, in the greater Albany, NY region, became the latest to fall prey to a ransomware attempt, the outcome was different than many others thanks to backup protection. 

The Importance Of Planning For Tomorrow

Many “gurus” out there use the word “hustle” as a badge of honor, but us amateurs tend to embrace it as an excuse to get away with making stuff up as we go along. But why?

Blockchain Brings Opportunity For Channel — But Challenges Too

There are plenty of reasons for solutions providers to get excited about blockchain, but there’s also a lot to do before most can develop successful practices.

How To Fit Your Technology Expertise Into Your Customer’s World

Selling business technology for many years allows you to develop deep expertise of your products. But, breaking into your customer’s world requires deep expertise of their operations and their needs. Discover how to change your approach with customers to uncover the needs that your products can solve.   

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