Guest Column | May 19, 2017

How To Add Security To Your Offering

Scott Spatz, VP of Sales Administration, Cooperative Systems and ASCII Group Member Since 2012

Scott Spatz

One of the most dynamic components of our services offerings is security. Not only is it ever-changing, but there are countless variations and forms of protection we need to be aware of and be providing to our clients. When you then consider the number of software manufacturers in that security space, it can become overwhelming and confusing as to how to approach security for your clients.

The good thing for us is clients are inevitably far more overwhelmed and confused about security than we are. That said we need to ensure we educate our clients and offer protections that are appropriate for their businesses, as well as make sure we will be able to efficiently and effectively support and maintain these for them going forward. As we’ve developed and refined our security protection offerings, we’ve determined the following elements to be vital to a successful security offering.