Guest Column | March 11, 2014

How Storage Solves The Corrections Bottleneck

Storage Solves Corrections Bottleneck

By Olivier Thierry, Pivot3

The corrections market is synonymous with a need for an uncompromised commitment to security. From local jails to state and federal prisons, all corrections facilities share a mission of ensuring safety and security.

Video surveillance in the corrections environment promotes a safe atmosphere for inmates and correctional officers. Effective management can be a life-or-death challenge, and access to real-time video can alert officers immediately of a problem. Corrections officers rely on video surveillance to provide views throughout a facility and to supply real-time information on incidents that can erupt without notice.

The value of video surveillance in the corrections environment is unrivaled. Effective video surveillance technology can provide significant value in investigations and serve as a deterrent at corrections facilities of all levels and types. But video is only valuable if it is protected and stored. Here’s a look at the top challenges in this market and how effective video storage can maximize the impact of surveillance...

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