Guest Column | January 16, 2015

How Resellers Can Use Machine Learning To Connect With Millennials

By Shekhar Deo, Co-Founder of EngageClick

Shekkar Deo EngageClick

Members of the millennial generation are increasingly filling the workforce in prominent roles as IT managers and CIOs. This demographic trend is forcing technology resellers and solutions providers to rethink how they connect with this younger audience.

Most millennials are fiercely dependent on mobile communications, so one effective strategy involves using machine learning techniques to optimize B2B marketing and advertising campaigns over mobile devices. In this way, vendors and resellers can continually learn about the preferences and behaviors of millennial IT buyers in order to fine-tune personalized messages and increase engagement over time.

Marketers can benefit by gaining a deeper understanding of what products are coming into highest demand and how buyers prefer to engage in the sales process. This process might involve buyers comparing product costs and features over their phones, before making purchases on their laptops or tablets.

Selling Smarter Through Machine Learning

Machine learning technologies are a subset of artificial intelligence, an area of computer science in which software systems develop skills normally associated with human intelligence, such as visual perception or the ability to weigh decisions. By crunching very large sets of data, machine learning systems can often come up with highly unintuitive conclusions.

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