Newsletter | September 2, 2020

09.02.20 -- How QR Codes Are Changing The Payments Industry

What Are QR Codes And How Are They Changing The Payments Industry?

Driven by consumers and merchants alike, contactless payment is becoming more and more omnipresent. Though relatively new to the contactless payments’ scene, QR codes are quickly making their way to the top of the list of solutions your customers prefer.

Selling In The Post COVID-19 World: How To Help Merchants Operate In The New Normal

Your clients are turning to you as their trusted advisor for advice as to which solutions are needed for them to succeed in the new business reality created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you ready?

How To Help Your Clients Keep Up With Today’s Ever-Changing Operational Technologies
Technology is constantly evolving, and your clients expect you to help them make sense of what is important and what is not. They also are looking to you to make sure these new technologies — and any future technologies — will integrate with their existing business platform. Are you up to the task?