Article | February 12, 2019

How CSPs Can Streamline Efficiencies To Create Healthier Margins

Source: ConnectWise

By Topher Barrow, ConnectWise

Healthcare Vertical Promises Big Growth For Beacons Through 2019

To ensure business and service profitability, it’s important to have a strong sales strategy in place, as well as an established way to create healthy margins. If you’re considering adding a cloud solutions offering to your existing services, or already offer cloud services and want to increase profitability, here are a few tips for cloud service providers (CSPs) to find success.

Consider the Cost of Acquiring New Clients

You invest a lot of time and money to acquire new clients. Whether you’re adding or already offering cloud services, this is a great time to assess your strategy and find ways to make your sales cycle more efficient. By decreasing the time and money you need to spend to secure new business, you can increase your profitability. While you may not be able to reduce hard costs associated with adding new clients, you can look for ways to reduce the time you and your team spend finding new business. The best way to do this is to look for ways to leverage automation in your sales and marketing processes.