Video | August 5, 2011

How Big An Opportunity Is Mobility For VARs? - Part 1

Source: RSPA

Business Solutions magazine Chief Editor Mike Monocello moderated the Technology Vision Panel Discussion at RetailNOW 2011 in Orlando, FL. The tech panel discussion attracted nearly 400 attendees. In this video clip, Monocello reveals that a BSM survey showed mobility is the number one new technology that interests retail VARs. Answering the question of how big an opportunity mobility is for VARs are Alan Outlaw of IBM, John Kirk of Radiant Systems, and Greg Buzek of IHL. Other panelists included David Gosman of PC America, Tony Van Seventer of StoreNext, and Barry Wise of Epson. To view Part 2 of this panel discussion or for more information on RetailNOW 2011, go to