From The Editor | October 3, 2013

How Are Your Peers/Competitors Doing? SYNNEX Has Some Answers.

Source: SYNNEX Corporation

By The Business Solutions Network

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During the morning session today at the SYNNEX 2013 National Conference, the 1600 attendees had the opportunity to take part in a survey on their businesses. During a panel discussion, the audience voted in real time, with the panel commenting on the results. Here are the results from the Greenville, SC, conference:

What is your outlook for 2014?

  • Flat: 3 percent
  • 1 to 5 percent growth: 23 percent
  • 6 to 10 percent growth: 33 percent
  • More than 10 percent growth:  41 percent

What is driving your business today?

  • Product refresh: 24 percent
  • Increasing efficiency, lowering costs: 15 percent
  • Growing existing customers: 16 percent
  • New technologies and customers: 26 percent
  • New verticals and customers: 20 percent

Notebooks and tablets: which is more true?

  • Desktop replacement will keep notebook sales strong: 10 percent
  • Notebooks continue to grow; tablets are the net new business: 57 percent
  • Tablets will lower notebook sales: 27 percent
  • Tablets will only be in play because of specific apps (niche): 6 percent

What is the solution category driving cloud opportunities?

  • Infrastructure as a Service: 22 percent
  • IT as a Service: 27 percent
  • Software as a Service: 45 percent
  • Platform as a Service: 7 percent

What is driving cloud adoption?

  • Application availability: 29 percent
  • Operating costs/costs savings: 50 percent
  • Automated provisioning: 8 percent
  • Meeting variable workloads: 8 percent
  • Compliance/regulations: 5 percent

So, there you have it. How do you compare?