Case Study

How An IT Firm Cut Travel Costs By $36,000 With Telepresence

Source: Zenith Infotech Ltd.

About Intelligent Technologies Labs (ITL)

Founded in 2002, Intelligent Technologies Labs (ITL) is a dynamic information technology firm helping clients focus on their core business objectives and activities by offering industry leading solutions and services that manage and solve complexity. Located in Alexandria, VA, they currently employ about 25 full-time employees between the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Mohamed Abuagla, business founder, knows a lot about Saudi Arabian culture and is fluent in the Arabic language. In the eighties, his father was transferred to this Middle East country to teach at a local university. This experience changed Mohamed forever. In fact, once he became a business owner, it was only natural that he sought opportunities in the far-away land that was so familiar to him.

The Business Challenge

Mohamed considers himself a successful business owner with a lot of ambition. Once he started probing the market in the Middle East, he knew his company had real opportunities in the region; after all, technology was growing exponentially. However, he was faced with the reality that once he opened offices abroad, he would have to be conducting business in worlds separated by almost 7,000 miles.