Newsletter | October 9, 2019

10.09.19 -- Hook, Line, And Sinker: Why Phishing Attacks Work

Hook, Line, And Sinker: Why Phishing Attacks Work

When we talk about phishing, it might conjure up memories of scam emails from foreign princes, chock-full of terrible typos, grammar mistakes, and other easy-to-spot signs that the message might not be legitimate. If you’re thinking in those terms, it might shock you to find out how many people actually fall for such attacks.

Size Does Matter: Small Businesses And Cybersecurity

Small businesses are part of the U.K.’s economic lifeblood. SMBs account for at least 99.5 percent of businesses in every main industry sector, and we need to support and protect them in this challenging climate. Technology is key to helping small businesses grow, reach new customers, and thrive. But digital technologies can present challenges and difficulties for any business. The top one is cybersecurity issues.

The Importance Of The MSP Sales Process
By listening to your prospect, exhibiting an understanding of their needs, and demonstrating your level of commitment to providing value and nurturing the relationship itself, you’ll be well on your way to building a meaningful, successful business partnership.
Data Privacy And Regulation: The Worldwide Race To Comply

Two important laws passed to enhance data privacy — The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Australia’s Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) — have recently come into effect. Since these laws extend to companies doing business with citizens where the legislation was passed, companies worldwide must prepare to comply with them. Here are a few fast facts on how countries are adjusting.

2019 Threat Report: Mid-Year Update

The act of prediction, itself, is the application of probability to determine what might happen. By analyzing the details of each situation, determining the differences and factors in each one, you could begin to predict the likelihood of the person’s actions in a given context. Thus, to make a reasonable prediction for the future, you must have clear insight into past events, complete with context.

POS Company Boosts Protection, Customer Retention With Endpoint Protection Solution

AHT takes pride in offering its clients current and relevant solutions that help them run their businesses more effectively and cost-efficiently. In this vein, AHT realized it needed to upgrade and modernize the antivirus (AV) protection it provided to customers. A significant number of AHT’s clients were still running Windows XP, which made the AV product (ESET) they relied on increasingly ineffective at protecting them from malware.