White Paper

Healthcare Technology Solutions To Prevent Hospital Acquired Infections

Source: BlueStar Healthcare

This white paper from BlueStar discusses Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs), currently costing healthcare facilities more than $30 billion each year to treat. These infections are the fourth-largest killer in America, with two million patients contracting infections in hospitals each year and more than 100,000 deaths annually as a result. Initiatives in Patient Safety states three primary steps to prevent and control infections in the healthcare environment:

  1. Cleaning and disinfection
  2. Contact control and behaviors, such as hand washing
  3. Use of antimicrobial treatment agents

To properly solve the problem of HAIs, preventative care and maintaining a clean, clutter-free patient environment can dramatically reduce occurrences. “In every patient’s room, the environment and inanimate objects are contaminated with potential HAI pathogens, regardless of the efficacy of environmental or inanimate object cleaning,” explains William Jarvis, MD, in Initiatives In Patient Safety. “To prevent HAI transmission healthcare personnel should insure…that the patient’s environment is clean, clutter-free and they should minimize sharing of medical equipment between patients.”

New technology like the PrehKeyTec GTK86 keyboard series stand up to even the most rigorous disinfectants to keep germs at bay. These peripherals have devices such as an integrated glide pad to eliminate the need for a mouse and reduce the amount of surfaces to be disinfected.

To read more about HAIs and the technology that is being used to help prevent them download this white paper below.