White Paper

HDTV (High Definition Television) And Video Surveillance

Source: Axis Communications

The TV market is moving rapidly towards high-definition television, HDTV. This change brings truly remarkable improvements in image quality and color fidelity. HDTV provides up to five times higher resolution and twice the linear resolution compared with traditional, analog TV. Furthermore, HDTV comes with wide screen format and DVD-quality audio.

Growth in the consumer market for HDTV is impressive. In 2007 the HDTV household penetration in the U.S. was approximately 35%. According to estimates, 85% of all viewers will have an HDTV set at home by 2012. Already today, virtually all major television productions are HD.

The two most important HDTV standards today are SMPTE 296M and SMPTE 274M, which are defined by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, SMPTE.

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