Guest Column | September 19, 2012

HaaS: The Next Step In Your MSP Business Evolution

Selling HaaS (hardware as a service) solutions can help you overcome your customers’ resistance to large capital investments, while also ensuring they never need to worry about aging hardware.

As a Haas (hardware as a service) vendor, what kind of client would you typically look for?

Our Service Providers who are offering HaaS to their customers are among our typical customers, but they tend to have already embraced the Cloud business model in some way.  They are usually already offering monthly-billed service and have begun to shift their business to smaller upfront payments that pay more over time.  They are also usually offering or are interested in offering Software as a Service. These partners tend to present their product offerings to their customer in terms of complete custom solutions and treat the hardware as a key enabler.  That said, they still want to try to make money on the hardware aspect of their service offerings and are looking for a way to differentiate.