Case Study

Giorgio Ristorante Says ‘Oh Oui' To Tablets

Source: POSERA

Chasing An Elusive Goal

Andrew Fields is Director of Giorgio Ristorante in Rosemere, Quebec. During peak hours, the restaurant fills 65 tables, from 11:00 in the morning until 12:00 at night.

Andrew’s business goal is the same as that of most restaurant owners: maximize profitability by delivering excellent food and service, and he is always looking for new, innovative ways to achieve it. As often as not, that search leads him to what always ends up an elusive goal:

Keep the servers on the floor

Keeping staff on the floor would mean they could each handle more tables without impacting the quality of their service. That translates into fewer servers each night.

“Over the years,” Andrew says, “there have been many nights and many many (many) tables I’ve handled myself, so I know why staff leaves the floor.” Here is his list :

  1. To enter orders.
  2. To run orders.
  3. To return wrong orders.
  4. To handle other roles during slow periods.

The problem was: these were all absolutely necessary. Orders have to be entered. They have to be run. Mistakes must be fixed. None of those could be eliminated.

Or, at least, that’s what Andrew thought.

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