News Feature | July 29, 2014

GFI Software Study Reveals (Disturbing) Trends In Employee Email Habits

Source: MAXfocus

By Trisha Leon, contributing writer

Employee Email Habits

A study of employee email user habits conducted for GFI Software by Opinion Matters, reveals somewhat disturbing trends in habits of employees with regard to email and mobile device use.   

One major finding of the study, which surveyed 500 U.S. workers from companies with up to 500 employees, is that work email is eating into the personal lives and downtime of employees, with 44.8 percent admitting to checking work email at least once a day in their personal time, while 40.4 percent admit to checking multiple times or in real-time through pre-work mornings, evenings, weekends, and days off. With the recent surge in mobile device use — including tablets and smartphones and the growing Internet of Things (IoT), casually checking work email on personal time has become harder to resist. Some employees, 28.6 percent of those surveyed, have even risked company email security by connecting their device to public Wi-Fi hotspots while away from work.

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