Article | December 5, 2018

Getting The Most Out Of Your Quarterly Business Reviews

Source: ConnectWise

By April Taylor, ConnectWise

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This post was originally published on 1/2/2015 and was updated on 8/13/2018.

Let’s start by taking the subject at face value. Quarterly business reviews (QBRs) offer valuable face-to-face time with clients, and that plays an important role in relationship and retention. The QBR is a chance to check your customer’s pulse and an opportunity to demonstrate value. Tell them how many updates you’ve pushed, bugs you’ve squashed, threats you disarmed, and so forth. Here are a few pointers for making a QBR productive and profitable.

Be prepared.

Prior to the meeting, review your client’s service records for the previous quarter, identify recurring issues and prepare to chat about how you can help avoid dreaded downtime in the future. Communicate a clear agenda ahead of time and, if possible, go over it with your customer champion. Try to make sure at least one executive-level participant will be at the meeting.