Magazine Article | June 15, 2016

Getting Started With Harbortouch

Source: Shift4 Payments

The challenges of shifting to an as-a-Service business model are what make Harbortouch’s free equipment program so appealing. We have essentially developed a turnkey as-a-Service solution by providing the equipment, installation, training, sales support, and customer support so that you can focus on signing up new accounts and building your recurring revenue portfolio.

The best part of Harbortouch’s program is the ability to rapidly build a lucrative recurring revenue portfolio. There are also numerous bonus opportunities to provide additional income from each deal. The best way to hit the ground running is by submitting 30 deals in your first 120 days in order to get our $5,000 signing bonus. In addition to this $5,000, you also receive up-front bonuses for every one of those deals. Based on the average Harbortouch customer, the up-front bonuses from 30 deals would equal over $21,000, which is on top of the $5,000 signing bonus. With an average monthly residual of $110, you would have monthly recurring revenue of $3,300 just from these first 30 deals.