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White Paper: Getting Kinetic: The Secrets To Ensuring Your Business Is Secure, Mobile, And Productive With Its Data

Source: KineticD

By KineticD

It thrives on change and the art of moving fast. And it's competitive because it's found new ways to stay adaptive to change. Being kinetic today has as much to do with embracing new cloud-based Internet services to take on new customers and projects beyond the conventional boundaries of time and geography. The kinetic business doesn't settle. Especially when it comes to the processes and tools it uses to leverage its corporate data, which give it more advanced capabilities to protect, access and share information.

With this newfound online empowerment, there has never been a better time to be a small or mid-sized business. What we are witnessing today is the emergence of a new generation of SMB's that are embracing the competitive power of technology that was up to this point attainable only for the largest organizations. This new generation of "kinetic" businesses are the new force that will increasingly power our economy.

It's about having simple, secure and timely access to your non-stop digital world. As awareness of the importance of online backup and remote access solutions has grown, so have the choices and complexity. Therefore it's important that organizations take some time to assess their data storage and security needs so they can make smart choices about storage capacity, file sharing, data protection, and disaster recovery. Getting all of these elements organized and working together, will not only provide more peace of mind, but will also give your organization the capabilities to be more competitive.