Newsletter | May 8, 2012

05.08.12 -- GAO RFID Asset Tracking Releases Gen 2 RFID Reader; Wasp Barcode Technologies Launches Inventory Counting Software

Business Solutions
Take Data Collection From Warehouses To Hospitals
By Gennifer Biggs, Business Solutions magazine
By Gennifer Biggs, <u>Business Solutions</u> magazine "The decision to enter the healthcare field should not be made lightly or be driven by dollars," cautions Peter Vatenos, VP of marketing and product development and a partner in RMS Omega Technologies. "You won’t get a payback for years, and the learning curve is significant."
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Sell Printronix thermal bar code solutions and win! Online Data Validation (ODV) is an optional feature available for Printronix SL/T5000r ENERGY STAR® thermal bar code printers. ODV analyzes every bar code printed on the Printronix SL/T5000r ENERGY STAR® units. Now through March 22, 2012, Printronix is offering its reseller community an exciting promotion. For every T500r printer sold with ODV, you’ll receive $75. Learn more at


City Furniture Finds Efficiencies With Glacier's E2000 VMT
City Furniture strives for the ultimate customer experience by delivering quality furnishings in a manner that fits all budgets. With fifteen City Furniture Stores and nine Ashley Home Store showrooms, they wanted to keep their state-of-the-art distribution center running at peak efficiency. Learn more.

Modi Sugar Adopts The Printronix Solution To Maintain Supply Chain With India's 651 Sugar Mills And 50 Million Cane Farmers
Modi Sugar is a leading conglomerate specializing in sugar and specialty sugar products. The group has two sugar plants, Modi Sugar Mills, established in 1932, and SBEC Sugar Limited founded in 1998. Learn more.

Hot Spots Energize Mobile DSD Solutions
From harsh environments to remote network access difficulties, DSD (direct store delivery) applications create many challenges for VARs building mobile IT solutions. It doesn't matter if you're upgrading existing route accounting systems, or designing and implementing an infrastructure for new customers. Learn more.

Ensuring RFID's Bottom Line Payoff
Whether a business leapt at the opportunity to become one of the first suppliers with RFID tagged products or now finds itself currently being mandated to employ the technology, the implementation costs and the potential rewards are the same. To maximize the benefits of RFID, it is critical to view its capability to drive business process improvement, increase supply chain efficiency, and ultimately improve bottom line results. Learn more.

Turbo Charge Your Inventory Moves With Wearable Computers
Bar code scanning has made data collection fast and accurate, but sometimes operators aren't provided the right tools for the job — and that can reduce productivity gains that might otherwise be realized. Many warehouse tasks require an operator to physically handle products. Learn more.

Featured Product
HX3 Wearable Computer
The HX3 rugged voice-directed computer incorporates all of the user-friendly features needed to maximize productivity, accuracy, and worker satisfaction in a fast-paced, quick-picking environment. It all starts with our ToughTalk 4-pin connector, specially engineered to minimize crosstalk. Read more.
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