White Paper

Future-Proofing The Core, The Distribution Layer, And The Wiring Closet Of Enterprise Networks

Source: WYNIT Distribution, LLC

There was a marketing slogan a while back: The Network is the Computer. Well times have changed and these days a more accurate statement would be: The Network is the Business. Take away the network – even for a short period of time – and business operations come to a grinding halt, impacting sales, morale, brand and reputation. Performance issues can have a similar impact. While performance problems don’t disconnect your network/productivity hose as in a complete but relatively short-lived outage, they can step on it for an extended period of time before the issues are diagnosed and a solution applied.

With so much riding on the availability and performance of the network, businesses of all sizes need a robust, reliable infrastructure that eliminates downtime and is highly redundant, efficient, scalable, modular and flexible to handle the challenges of ever-increasing bandwidth. And, while it’s critical that the network address today’s needs within today’s constrained budgets, IT decision makers must prepare for the future as well.

If your organization is increasing its use of virtualization, or if it is consolidating its data center, or if it is relying more on latency-sensitive applications – think streaming video content, IP Surveillance or VoIP – you definitely need to look hard at performance and quality management capabilities. A solution that can easily add ports, scale to many 10-Gigabit Ethernet connections, and provide advanced QoS and bandwidth management is called for. Gigabit clients driven by larger attachments and streaming are becoming more common and driving faster switching needs in the core. And even if you are limiting video streaming on your network today and have not adopted video surveillance or VoIP, you don’t want your company to be limited by network constraints. As these applications and business video content become absolute business requirements, you don’t want to be forced into forklift switch upgrades.

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