Case Study

Success Story: From Break/Fix To Managed Services

Source: Zenith Infotech Ltd.

By David Carlos of Managed Information Architects

It's one thing to build a name for your business, but it's another to build your business around your name. With the help of Zenith Infotech solutions, it is exactly what David Carlos is aiming to do — and he's succeeding. David started David Carlos Managed Information Architects in 2007 as a typical break/fix, time-and-materials computer repair and consulting firm and, since then, has evolved as a managed services provider.

David started a company in 2003 called Computer Bakery, servicing both residential and business clients that used both PC and Mac platforms. And as his company grew, David hired more technicians, but his overhead dwarfed his profits. The company unsuccessfully attempted to branch out into IT staffing and recruiting as well as different market segments such as corporate clients. In 2007, however, David bought out his business partner, called his business David Carlos Managed Information Architects, "rose from the ashes" as he puts it, got connected with Zenith, and hasn't looked back.

David is a technology expert and entrepreneur with the education, experience, and a keen sense of what's hot in today's marketplace. These days, if you can catch him, you'll find him scouring the streets of New York City, supporting, maintaining, and building new relationships with healthcare clients — more specifically, private doctor's offices. He says, "My market is interesting because I have clients in several different industries, but I am particularly going after the healthcare market, so I am branding myself as a healthcare-specific solutions provider."