Guest Column | April 24, 2014

Four Ways VARs Can Better Address Service Renewals

Improve Service Renewals For VARs

By Kelly Crothers, VP of Marketing, MaintenanceNet, Inc. 

As a reseller, what’s keeping you from implementing a successful service renewal program with your customers? Most likely it’s a data issue — whether it's data that hasn’t been collected, data that’s not meaningful, data that’s trapped in an information silo or data that’s simply outdated. The reality is, keeping a handle on your customer data is the most important and time-efficient way to drive an effective service renewal initiative.

Why focus on service renewals? Because today, your customers will do what it takes to make their technology investments last longer, which opens the door for more service contract renewals to be sold. Your customers want to protect the products and services they’ve already purchased from you. As a VAR, your job is to help them do that with service contracts. It’s that simple.

One category of service renewals in particular — low-dollar service renewals — is where VARs are missing the mark and overlooking what could be a treasure trove of ongoing, revenue-generating opportunity. Often ignored because resellers just don’t want to expend the resources to identify and pursue them — thinking that sales time can be better spent on more high-value opportunities — these renewals also represent low-hanging fruit and can quickly add up.

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