Guest Column | March 14, 2014

Four Leadership Lessons I've Learned From Baseball's Joe Maddon

Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned From Baseball’s Joe Maddon

By Joe Serra, president and COO, Global Convergence Inc.

If you follow Major League Baseball, chances are you’re familiar with Tampa Bay Rays Manager Joe Maddon and his unorthodox approach to managing the game … not to mention his team. Joe’s famous (or infamous, depending on where you’re standing) for mixing things up, taking players out of their standard positions and testing their skills in new ways. It’s an approach that unnerves many traditionalists, but one that’s undeniably produced results too. That’s why Maddon’s madness makes perfect sense to me.

As business leaders, we’re faced with making complex decisions within an industry that’s frequently breaking new ground, like cloud and mobile computing. By applying some of Maddon’s principles to the way we manage our own teams, we can respond more nimbly to fast-changing market dynamics and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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