Case Study

Fort Hood Creates Unprecedented Accountability For Its IT Assets

Source: Wasp Barcode Technologies

The nation's largest U.S. Army post, Fort Hood, tasked a G2 ITS support contractor (property manager for installation and fixed property) with maintaining accountability for property assigned to him. This property included approximately 1,000 IT assets, such as servers, computers, network switches, and more. These items reside in eight buildings around the base and three locations off-base in Fort Bliss, Texas; Fort Sill, Oklahoma; and White Sands, New Mexico. Each year, aging equipment must be eliminated and new gear deployed, creating a constantly changing pool of assets.

"There is a continuous need for information related to our IT assets," said Terry French, a contractor who serves as property manager for the base's IT equipment. "The U.S. government demands accountability for the property assigned to us."

The base must keep track of each asset type, number and location. These records become critical several times each year during audits performed by IT managers and outside inspectors.