Article | January 29, 2019

Five Ways To Win The Reselling War

Source: EVO Payments
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In the business world, competition is plentiful. Everyone is looking for the slightest of advantages to gain prospects’ trust and business. According to, “After one negative experience, fifty-one percent of customers will never do business with that company again.” Here are five ways to win the reselling war.

1. Establish Your Position as a Trusted Advisor

Trust is the most important factor in business decisions. Merchants want to work with resellers who have their best interests in mind and have faith that their products and services will create revenue.Edelman’s 2018 Trust Barometer states “Fifty-six percent of companies that only think about themselves and their profits are bound to fail.” Work with your merchants to understand their needs and help guide them in fulfilling them.

2. Provide Value-Added Services

The more services you can provide, the more valuable your business becomes. Installation and setup, as well as on-site support services, are two items that can be added. Having the capability to have 24/7 customer support is also especially helpful in the hospitality industry. Another value-added service is the ability to create HaaS and SaaS bundles. Hardware as a Service, Software as a Service, combined with your payment processing company, provide an all-encompassing product for your merchant.