Guest Column | April 22, 2014

Five Things an MSP Needs To Know About Nonprofits

Selling Managed Services To Nonprofits

By Peter Hodges, Marketing Director, Marathon Consulting, ASCII Group Member Since 2009

The 1.5 million registered nonprofits in the US can be a rewarding vertical for MSPs to explore in their market. With some research and planning, nonprofits can be a satisfying and profitable addition to your client roster. Working with nonprofits devoted to solving today’s substantial issues can engage the hearts of your employees, boost your reputation with current clients and elevate your standing within your community.

Here are some notable items to keep in mind when approaching nonprofits:

Nonprofit structure can lengthen decision times. Nonprofits often need to get support from their board of directors and follow a defined vendor approval process before committing to a major project. While a number of nonprofits have the budget to spend on technology, you can expect to see a sufficient amount of time spent on proper due diligence. Checking in with your main point of contact for status updates and offering to provide information to support the benefits of the new investment can pay off in the long run.

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