Article | September 17, 2019

Finding The Right Fit For Your Merchants' Laundromat POS System

Source: EVO Payments
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Not everyone has the time or inclination to handle laundry on their own. This can present a tremendous business opportunity for laundromats. According to a market research report by IBISWorld, “The laundromat industry had a total revenue of $5 billion in 2018.” With a wash and fold service, your merchants can help their customers to enjoy more of their free time while taking advantage of a lucrative business opportunity.

In the past, laundry service owners typically used cash registers to ring up sales. While a traditional cash register is good for tallying sales, that is about all that it can do for your merchants. With a laundry POS system, their business can take advantage of a wide array of benefits that can help them to succeed in today's competitive market. With their laundry POS system, they gain all of the tools that they need to manage every aspect of their operation, from reporting to marketing to developing customer loyalty programs.

Payment Processing

When your merchants operate a laundry service, they need to be able to ring up sales quickly and accurately. At the same time, they need to make sure that lines move quickly. With their laundry POS system, they can calculate sales quickly based on the type of service to be performed. Additionally, your merchants can accept a variety of different forms of payments, including credit cards, debit cards, checks, and cash. The ability to print a receipt or tag ensures that all orders are managed efficiently so that no errors are made.