Guest Column | March 13, 2014

Financing Programs Offer Flexibility, Revenue For Resellers

By Dave Tynan, Vice President, Global Marketing and Sales, MicroPower Technologies

Financing Programs For Resellers

By Dave Tynan, MicroPower Technologies

Surveillance is no longer a luxury; it’s a requirement. But as businesses look to invest in surveillance technology, the upfront cost can be overwhelming. No matter the security needs of a facility, end customers want to make smart, cost-effective purchasing decisions.

Security needs can be unpredictable, which can make it difficult for businesses to develop accurate budgets. The often drawn-out budget process can lead to vulnerabilities and loss. To help, today’s technology vendors have developed innovative financing programs to bridge the gap between security technology requirements and available cash flow. Here is a closer look at how financing options benefit both the surveillance user and the reseller community...

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