Guest Column | April 16, 2014

5 Features All Cloud Platforms Should Possess

Best Cloud Platform Features

By Vinay Venkataraghavan, Senior Software Engineer, RiverMeadow

Managed services providers (MSPs) face an array of complex questions as they decide whether to migrate workloads to and between clouds. But, the key question surrounding the value proposition of cloud migrations is:

What are the characteristics of the cloud that make it the future of enterprise IT?

The rest of this article is dedicated to answering this question, with a list of the top five features that all cloud platforms should possess:

  1. Rapid deployment: Prior to rolling out into production and development and operations, IT departments and developers can rapidly, deploy, test, iterate, and scale their application infrastructures. This workflow provides operational and development flexibility, not easily achieved in legacy infrastructures. The classic case in point: the time taken from the point a purchase order is approved; to server provisioning; to software installation, which can easily be on the order of weeks. These pain points are readily addressed by cloud platforms and systems.

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