Guest Column | November 2, 2011

Expand Your POS Portfolio With IP Video Solutions

Bill Taylor

By Bill Taylor, president, Panasonic System Networks Company Of America

Restaurants, especially quick-service restaurants and those open 24 hours a day, are fertile ground for sales of IP-based video surveillance systems. Many locations are behind the times in terms of video surveillance and in need of updated systems — some are still using low-quality analog systems that are mostly useless in terms of capturing quality video. Upgrading aging systems to IP video is a huge opportunity, and new benefits such as remote site monitoring and integration with POS systems make newer systems even more attractive. Cameras can now provide usable video despite variable lighting conditions caused by large windows typical in restaurant environments. Dramatic differences between light and dark areas can challenge video cameras to view someone standing in the shadows, but image processing has solved the problem. Dimly lit restaurants can present multiple lighting challenges, but today's systems provide clear, detailed images in any lighting.