Guest Column | February 14, 2012

Executive Toughness: How to Get It!

Ken Thoreson Acumen

By Ken Thoreson, president, Acumen Management Group LTD

This week's blog is a book review: Executive Toughness: The Mental Training Program To Increase Your Leadership Performance by Dr. Jason Selk, published by McGraw Hill. Why am I adding this to my blog site? My objective in addressing sales leadership issues is to provide you ideas, tools, and concepts to increase your professionalism. I like to read a business book focused on some aspect of my profession, then I will switch to another form of book for personal fun. I believe your sales teams and you should have a personal development plan. You need to add this book to your library!

After writing four books myself, I found "Executive Toughness" a terrific read that a new manager or any experienced business leader can find something new or an aspect of their life to improve upon.