Article | November 20, 2013

Evaluating A New Vendor

Source: RSPA
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By Hunter Allen, Founder/CEO/Owner, Cervion Systems and Mike Monocello, Editor-in-Chief, Business Solutions Magazine

If you attended RetailNOW, have been reading connect, or subscribe to various industry magazines, you know that the thought-leader consensus is that, to be most successful, you should stop thinking of yourself as just a POS dealer and begin thinking of yourself as a retail technology total solutions provider.

What’s the difference? A POS dealer just sells POS terminals or ECRs. A total provider looks at the entire retail operation and provides integrated solutions that solve business needs. Whew, that’s a mouthful. Put simply, consider selling tgs like digital signage, video surveillance, loyalty, mobile POS, and so on. Think beyond simply the point of sale. Doing so will enable you to provide your customers with solutions that address a variety of their needs while padding your pocketbook. And, in many cases, if you don’t sell those complementary technologies, you’re leaving the door open for someone else to (and then what happens when they win over your customer and take your piece of the pie away?)

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