Case Study

Enhanced Service Intelligence That Allows You & Your Customers To Grow

Source: Autotask Corporation

In this case study from Autotask, LanDynamix, a Johannesburg, South Africa specialist service and support company, was experiencing trouble with their current solution in terms of lack of control and integration, lack of functionality and support, and lack of reporting and information.

LanDynamix serves the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market in South Africa. They provide tailor-made, best of breed IT solutions.

LanDynamix was struggling to gain access to accurate, detailed information for each of their customers. This ranged from billing and pricing through service levels and call center data. They were unable to get the amount of support they needed from their current supplier.

 “We just had no control over our billing. Everything had to be done manually which meant invoices were missed and data was inaccurate. We needed automation, yet at the same time we wanted the flexibility to tailor the system to our customers’ requirements.”

The goal for LanDynamix was to find a solution which was completely integrated with their current system, not a mix of disparate systems that didn’t talk to eachother.

Download this case study below to read the solution to LanDynamix’s problems.