Guest Column | December 11, 2012

End Entitlement And Create A Culture Of Accountability And Purpose

Tom Bouwer

By TomBouwer, Keynote Speaker, INSPIRE Thought Leadership Summit

Entitlement. It’s an insidious disease that is crippling companies, destroying our economy, and crushing potential. It’s infecting the very roots of business performance, and it’s spreading fast. It isn’t the recession, market volatility, scandal, or greed.

It’s entitlement. And it may be killing your business.

In myriad ways, entitlement has been cultivated for decades. As a result, too many employees today believe that they are entitled for a paycheck simply because they show up for work. We have proven that we are not doomed to a path of entitlement and dependence. I know that the vast majority of employees addicted to entitlement actually want to engage, want to contribute, and want feel much better about themselves when they are in an environment that requires them to do so.

As a business owner or leader, you’ve probably agonized over the following questions at some point. Why can’t my employees see the issues I see? Why don’t they focus their attention on the important issues? Don’t they understand the cost of doing business?

The problem is not that your employees lack the interest or capacity to contribute, but simply that they haven’t received the education and tools to begin thinking and acting like an owner. Owners are focused on the company: sales, cash, profitability, the marketplace.