Guest Column | June 26, 2013

Five Elements To Include In Your Corporate Social Media Policy

By Lauren Formalarie, Lead Project Manager/Trainer, SayItSocial,

Living in the days that social media has become a common tool for corporate crisis management – in some cases causing the crisis and in others attempting to tame the uproar a crisis has produced – it has become necessary and mandatory for businesses to have a social media policy. This should be a document that is often re-visited and reformatted to keep up with the times. But how are they written? What should be included in one? After dissecting several major corporate social media policies, I came up with a list of findings that I think should be included and what to steer away from.

Where to Start? The Basics

It is key to think about the readers when creating your policy. Are all employees required to read it or only a select group? The entire company should be responsible for reading a company’s social media policy, just as they need to read all other company policies. This could mean there are a number of different skill levels, positions within the company and ages of employees reading it, therefore it must be short, to the point and easy to understand.

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