News | January 18, 2013

ELAN Home Systems Adds Support For VIVOTEK IP Cameras

Source: WYNIT Distribution, LLC

San Jose, California - ELAN Home Systems, an industry leader in home automation and A/V technology, has integrated VIVOTEK's 8000 series IP camera lineup into its award-winning g! Entertainment and Control System. The cameras are supported in core module version 6.1 or newer, which allow for video streaming, PTZ, motion detection, and image flip functions in the cameras. The g!Tools Network Manager can be used to discover VIVOTEK cameras on the network, which, once configured, can be used to view video from a residence or premises to deter intrusion or view family members.

VIVOTEK's IP camera line ranges in image resolution from VGA to HD to 5-Megapixel, including models that provide many advanced features such as Supreme Night Visibility, H.264 compression, removable IR-cut filter with built in IR illuminators, P-iris, remote zoom & focus, and much more.

"We are very excited about this new partnership with ELAN," said Harry Hu, President of VIVOTEK USA. "Everyone has seen the convergence of voice, video, and technology that new innovations are bringing to the industry. Now, VIVOTEK has further broadened the scope of this convergence with ELAN's exciting platform."

According to ELAN Home Systems Brand Manager Robert Ridenour, "ELAN partners with best-in-class entertainment, climate, security, lighting, irrigation, and custom home electronics manufacturers to make sure our products and theirs work together seamlessly. Our dedication to third-party component integration makes the ELAN g! System a powerful foundation for any home control or entertainment system, including the VIVOTEK line of IP-based security cameras."

"The ability to easily integrate high-definition video cameras and microphones that can be controlled and viewed remotely has broadened the appeal of complete home control solutions," Ridenour explained. "ELAN and VIVOTEK are on the cutting edge of home security, and ELAN will stay on the cutting edge by always integrating the industry's best third-party solutions."