Guest Column | March 14, 2014

Education And Security Are Key To Monetizing BYOD

Luke Walling, VP Sales & Operations North America, AVG Technologies

By Luke Walling, VP Sales & Operations North America, AVG Technologies

Practically everyone has been taking their mobile phones to work since they infiltrated our lives a few decades ago. Initially they stayed in our coat pockets or bags, or rested quietly on our desks, but they’ve since evolved beyond a means for simple voice or text conversations. Back then our mobile phones were personal and not for work. But as the devices themselves have changed, times have changed as well.

With people now carrying not just one, but often multiple Internet-enabled devices, mobile now has serious implications for business — both for managed services providers (MSPs) and their small business customers. Often it can be more convenient to work on a tablet or smartphone than a laptop; I myself spend far more time on my smartphone than I do my laptop. And the amount of data these mobile devices holds is substantial; it is, after all, a high-powered computer in a small form factor. The rapid adoption of personal devices at work, known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), has blurred the line between home and work use.

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